Second Hand Furniture

With spring coming up very quickly, so do yard sales. And who doesn’t love a good yard sale? I myself have found great deals on a variety of things that I needed (and many that I didn’t but bought anyway lol). So we are all looking to save some money on things that someone else doesn’t want anymore when a lot of times, the item is still in very good condition! Sounds like a great thing right? Well, not always.

There are some items that yard sale shoppers need to be very careful when purchasing. One of these is furniture. You may ask what could be wrong with buying an end table, a nice recliner, or even a barely used mattress and box spring? Maybe nothing…….but maybe something.

Bed Bugs on mattress

Bed Bugs. Just the thought of them makes for uneasy sleeping at night. Did you know that Bed Bugs are hitchhikers? They spread from one place to another by hitching a ride on someone or some object. Just like the name brand mattress and nice leather recliner that you found at the yard sale. These Bed Bugs could be hiding in second hand furniture and you would never know it until they have spread out into your home. So before you load up that leather recliner or mattress, consider the following:

  • Before you purchase, inspect, inspect, inspect. Look for live or dead Bed Bugs and dark brown spots on the furniture. These brown spots are fecal matter left behind by Bed Bugs.
  • Ask the seller if they got new furniture or why are they getting rid of it (without seeming to nosey). If their answer is very vague, they might be trying to hide the fact that it has Bed Bugs and they don’t want it. Do not buy it.
  • If at all possible, buy new furniture. This reduces the risk of Bed Bug infested furniture. If you do buy a used mattress/box spring, definitely use mattress and box spring encasements. You can get these encasements at most larger shopping stores or online and they completely encase the mattress and box spring and do not allow Bed Bugs to escape if they are present.

If you think that you may have Bed Bugs (maybe from a recent yard sale purchase), please call a licensed pest management professional (PMP) to come and inspect. The knowledge and expertise from a licensed PMP is priceless. Like I said earlier, nobody wants Bed Bugs and we all need to do everything possible to prevent them from spreading.

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